July 17, 2019 - Summer Reflections

Jul 24, 2019, 16:56 PM by Kirk
My first year at CCC is in the books.

It has been over a month since my last blog post. The end-of-the-year activities and graduation put me under the weather for several days and I took a brief vacation at the end of June. As I start my second year at Clackamas, I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to start another year. I sent an email out with my reflections on the year and progress toward my goals. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, here's the link.

We have accomplished a lot this past year, including the opening of the Industrial Technology Center, a successful mid-cycle accreditation visit, progress toward the state fully funding our current service level, continued work toward guided pathways, increased grant funding, and the beginning of development of our diversity, equity and inclusion plan.

I’m looking forward to Summer Inservice, when I will share more reflections on what I learned this past year as well as where I see the college headed in the coming years. Please enjoy some highlights from the past month.

ICC Northwest graduation

Through a collaboration with Clackamas Workforce Partnerships, ICC Northwest, All Within My Hands (Metallica Foundation) and the CCC TechHire grant, 11 students graduated in six months with certificates in fabrication technology. They are all employees of ICC Northwest and many of them are continuing their education at CCC this coming year.

CCC Heavy Metals group

Festival Latino

I was able to spend a little bit of time at Festival Latino in June. It was great connecting with many people from our Latinx community and hopefully getting them excited about enrolling at CCC. This picture with Maria Dixon, Enrollment Services and Adriana Aristizabal, Math faculty was taken shortly after Maria convinced me to participate in Zumba. Let’s just say I didn’t have the rhythm down, but it is a good workout.

Tim at the Latino Festival with Maria Dixon and Adriana Aristizabal

Paul Moredock

Associate VP of Advancement Paul Moredock retired at the end of June. I enjoyed working with Paul this year. His commitment to CCC and the Foundation is strong and he cares a great deal about this place. Paul has agreed to work part time for the next six months to help the new Foundation director transition into the role and to help develop more relationships with local businesses.

Paul Moredock with a grill apron that says Retired, with Sara Dier in the background

Eduardo - heavy metal

Eduardo with the metal-cover book labelled Get Into Heavy Metals

Willamette Falls Legacy Project

Willamette Falls Legacy Project display on a slideshow

Willamette Falls Legacy Project slide displaying visitors

Tim Cook out in the gardens with a friend

First City Celebration

CCC's First City Celebration tent, featuring memorbilia and swag

Relevant buildings

Tim outside a relevant building with a friend

Shout out to Facilities

A summer-time plant blossoming

CCC Night at the Pickles

Tim holding a pickle-covered donut at Night at the Pickles

Tim with friends at Night at the Pickle, including the pickle mascot

Puppy update

Tim's puppy, sleeping