CCC Purpose, Mission and Code of Ethics

Established in 1966 in Oregon City, Oregon, the goal of Clackamas Community College's has always been to provide quality education and training to people in our service district within Clackamas County. We're proud to say we've been accomplishing that goal for more than 50 years. Read more to learn more about the mission and values that guide our decision making.

CCC's Purpose

Creating lifetime opportunities for success through responsive education.


To serve the people of the college district with high-quality education and training opportunities that are accessible to all students, adaptable to changing needs and accountable to the community we serve.

Code of Ethics

To perform our jobs in a way that fosters personal growth and academic excellence, recognizes the inherent goodness of all people, models personal and academic integrity, respects diversity, and shows concern for the needs and feelings of others.

Strategic Priorities 2016-19

College Readiness

Strategic Priority: Strengthen curricular, instructional, and student services partnerships with high schools in our College’s district to improve readiness for Clackamas Community College.

Financial Sustainability

Strategic Priority: Increase institutional resources and capacity in order to better fulfill our mission through:

  1. obtaining more grants and donations
  2. using existing resources more effectively
  3. creating sustainable programs, services and partnerships
  4. preserving public trust through responsible and transparent fiscal operations

Academic Innovation and Relevance

Strategic Priority: Continue to create an overall portfolio of high-quality, relevant, innovative and evidence-based instructional methods, programs, environments and models in order to better serve our students and community.

Guided Pathways

Strategic Priority: Degree- and certificate-seeking students will have clearly articulated guided educational and career pathways based on each student’s stated intent. Learn more about guided pathways at CCC.