Workforce goals: Developing the local workforce

At the CCC Board of Education's request, the college has developed goals for using local businesses and students on bond-related capital construction projects to fuel and share economic prosperity and workforce development in Clackamas County.

SAIL Program (Student Applied Integrated Learning)

The goal of the SAIL Program is to encourage architects, contractors, subcontractors and other bond project team members to involve CCC students, Clackamas County businesses and a diverse workforce, including minority-, women- and veteran-owned business as well as emerging small businesses.

The SAIL goal is to get 1,000 hours or more of student workforce participation in the bond projects. Not only will SAIL involve students in construction and professional contract work, they will get hands-on experience. The program will foster and build connections with business and industry.

View SAIL Program Fact Sheet.

BOAT Program (Business Opportunities Achievement Target)

The BOAT Program's goal is to encourage bond project employment opportunities equally across Clackamas County to residents and minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses as well as emerging small businesses.

The purpose of the program is to create opportunities and to encourage contractors and subcontractors to hire these businesses for their work. CCC's goal for workforce equity and diversity is 10 percent.

View BOAT Program Fact Sheet.