Entry Level Welding Technician CC

Manufacturing Department | C.P.C.C. Career Pathway Certificate of Completion | Less than one year

Earn a certificate in less than a year as an Entry-Level Welding Technician at Clackamas Community College and enter or further your career in the welding industry.

This program is designed with core competencies in mind while allowing the student flexibility to take other relevant welding courses.

Entry-Level Welding Technician CC

Job Outlook
Career Pathways Roadmaps
Description and Outcomes

Entry Level Welding Technician Core Requirement

Complete the following Entry Level Welding Technician Core Requirements
  • MFG-107
  • Industrial Safety & First Aid
  • 3
  • WLD-100
  • Welder's Print Reading I
  • 3
  • WLD-250
  • Welding Fabrication I Beginning Project
  • 4

Program Electives

Complete 11-12 credits of Entry Level Welding Technician Program Electives. Please refer to the catalog for a complete list of Entry Level Welding Technician Program electives.
Total Credits Required: 21-22
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