Professional Truck Driver CC

Automotive Department | C.C. Certificate of Completion | Less than one year

Earn your Professional Truck Driver certificate at Clackamas Community College. Get behind the wheel of a career in truck driving.

The Professional Truck Driver program at Clackamas Community College provides the necessary training for employment in the high-demand field of transportation and logistics. Learn the skills necessary to earn your Commercial Driver's Licensing (CDL) with training provided in conjunction with the IITR Truck School. This four class series is part of a statewide program designed to put you in the driver's seat of an exciting career.

Professional Truck Driver CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Professional Truck Driver

Complete 1-3 credits of TTL-141
  • TTL-141
  • Transportation Customer Service Skills
  • 3
Complete 4 credits of TTL-101
  • TTL-101
  • Introduction to Professional Truck Driving & Logistics
  • 4
Complete 6 credits of TTL-121
  • TTL-121
  • Practical Applications in Professional Truck Driving & Logistics
  • 6
Complete 6 credits of TTL-180
  • TTL-180
  • Transportation & Logistics/CWE
  • 6
Total Credits Required: 17-19

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