Join a club at Clackamas

College is more than classes and homework. It's a time to discover your passions and interests by getting involved with campus activities.

Did you know that Clackamas Community College has student clubs and organizations that range from global activism to student nursing to faith-based and political groups?

Taking part in a club can be a fun part of your college experience. You can meet new people, develop your leadership skills and contribute to the college community. Below is a list of active clubs at CCC. Don't see a club you are interested in? Start one!


  • COVID-19 update

    Most classes, events and college operations are remote for summer term due to COVID-19. We are planning increased in-person classes and activities for fall term. For details on the Return to Campus plan, and limited on-campus classes and activities, visit the Return to Campus page.

ASG Active Clubs

Clackamas Community College Welding Club
Gap Bible Club
Northwest Collegiate Ministries (NCM)
Phi Theta Kappa
Student Nurses' Association
The Clackamas Print

Inactive Clubs

Inactive Clubs



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