Front-End Web Development CC

Computer Science Department | C.C. Certificate of Completion | 1 year

Earn your certificate in Front-End Web Development at Clackamas Community College. In as little as a year, learn the skills needed for an in demand career in front-end web development.

The Front-End Web Development program should prepare students for technical positions related to web and graphic design. It's a multidisciplinary program that incorporates classes from computer science and art. Course work includes a strong emphasis on computer graphics and design, data communications theory, operating systems, and web design with a focus on current industry standards. Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) is supervised real-world experience that supplements the academic classroom environment.

Front-End Web Development CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Front-End Web Development Core Requirements

Complete 3 credits of CS-280
  • CS-280
  • Computer Science/CWE
  • 3
Complete the following Core Requirements
  • ART-225
  • Computer Graphics I
  • 4
  • ART-226
  • Computer Graphics II
  • 4
  • CS-125H
  • HTML & Web Site Design
  • 4
  • CS-133J
  • Front-end JavaScript I
  • 4
  • CS-135I
  • Advanced Web Design With Dreamweaver
  • 4
  • CS-140
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • 4
  • CS-181
  • CMS Web Development
  • 4
  • CS-233J
  • Front-end JavaScript II
  • 4

Computation Related Instruction

Complete MTH-065 or higher
  • MTH-065
  • Algebra II
  • 4

Communication Related Instruction

Complete WR-121Z
  • WR-121Z
  • Composition I
  • 4

Human Relations Related Instruction

Complete 3-4 credits. See catalog for approved Related Instruction Courses.

Program Electives

Complete 7 credits of Front-End Web Development Program Electives. This may consist of any CS course not included in the Front-End Web Development program. See catalog for a complete list of Front-End Web Development Program electives.
Total Credits Required: 53-55