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High School Partners

Welcome partners! Clackamas Community College (CCC) offers four High School Connections programs for students to earn college credit while still in high school. Learn more about each of our High School Connections programs.

Help students at your school explore their options by sharing our High School Connections brochure. For more in-depth information about our High School Connections programs and resources, including financial aid advice, transfer information, student resources and more, please utilize our Counselor Handbook.

Equity and Access

High School Connections programs eliminate barriers to college by helping students access college early and at a reduced cost. We are committed to further improving equity and access for students in our programs. In 2017-2018, CCC contracted with the Willamette Education Service District to complete an equity audit of High School Connections programs. The equity audit examined promotional materials and policies through an equity lens, and conducted stakeholder focus groups. The High School Connections team is actively working to implement changes to address findings from the audit, such as increasing advertising and awareness of fee waivers and access to the Disability Resources Center.

The High School connections program discovered areas for improvement from the Equity Audit and has been making changes to increase access and supports for students. The increased outreach to connect students with our dedicated Advisor and Enrollment Specialist to support enrollment and intentional course taking behavior. We have overhauled our website to ensure that students can search college credit options for their specific high school. Beyond student engagement and academic supports, financial barriers are removed for students with no or low cost programming. The Advanced College Credit (ACC) program is the only program that charges fees directly to students at $10 per credit. The ACC fee is waived for student who are on free/reduced lunch.

In June 2020, Clackamas Community College approved a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan. One of the plan's three strategic priorities is to eliminate student equity gaps. For more information on how CCC is implementing visit

Data and Reporting

In addition to conducting the equity audit to understand student barriers, High School Connections actively tracks student data to facilitate program improvement. Our main priorities are to improve student access and success in college credit courses. For specific information on High School Connections data and reporting, please view the information below.

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