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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Federal regulations require students receiving federal financial aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, as explained below, and be working toward a degree, certificate or transfer program approved for financial aid and according to the Clackamas Community College catalog. All terms of attendance, including those in which financial aid was not received, are considered when determining your satisfactory academic progress.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Financial Aid enrollment status
Determination of enrollment status
Eligible credit hours
Non-eligible credit hours (these credits are not funded by financial aid)
Grades, completion requirement (pace) and minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement
Determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing
Returning students who are not meeting SAP (GPA or pace requirements)

Pace calculation:

Credits Completed ÷ Credits Attempted = Pace (must be 67% or better)
Credits Completed________ ÷ Credits Attempted________ = Pace ________
Unofficial transcript will show attempted and completed credits.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) process

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) process
Financial aid extension (maximum time frame)
Maximum time frame examples
Extension process
Repayment of federal financial aid

It is highly recommended that students consult with an academic advisor to create an educational plan. For further information or clarification, including degrees and certificates that qualify for federal financial aid, refer to the Eligible Degree List available on our Financial Aid Forms page.

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