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Guided Pathways at CCC

Guided Pathways at CCC

At Clackamas Community College, we are passionate about supporting students so that they reach their educational and life goals. CCC is among more than 250 colleges nationwide using a guided pathways approach to give students clear roadmaps to success.

What is guided pathways?

Guided pathways is a national movement to help students get on a path and stay on a path through graduation.

For more information about the Guided Pathways approach to student success, read Redesigning America's Community Colleges.


Guided pathways helps students reach their goals while saving them time and money. CCC has made it a strategic priority to support students to complete their desired paths to four-year universities or directly to the labor market. Guided pathways is a strategy to help the college fulfill our mission and it is supported by the Clackamas Community College Board of Education.


CCC embraces guided pathways as a strategy to help close equity gaps in higher education. Preliminary research suggests that guided pathways approaches can provide the greatest benefits to student populations that have traditionally struggled to persist and complete a college credential.

How is CCC creating Guided Pathways?

Guided pathways at CCC is a college-wide approach to student success. CCC has created a guided pathways task force composed of a cross-functional team of staff, faculty and administrators to lead guided pathways initiatives. Current priorities include improvements at all stages of the student experience at CCC:

Clarifying the student path

  • Creating program maps to help simplify decision making for students and help students choose classes that will contribute to their end goals.
  • Introducing online tools to assist students at every step on their path so they understand what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Getting students on a path

  • Starting in high school to prepare students for college-level coursework and to meet their education goals.
  • Aligning student advising by coordinating academic and career coaches and faculty advisors throughout the college to make sure students receive accurate and consistent information to set them up for success.

Keeping students on a path

  • Identifying students who need additional academic support and coordinating support services across the college.

Ensuring students are learning

  • Using data to assess student outcomes and continually improve guided pathways strategies.

What is the timeline?

The work to create guided pathways to student success at CCC is already underway. Most of the current initiatives are planned over a four-year period between 2016 and 2020.

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