Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Prep

Are you interested in sharing your industry expertise by teaching in a career and technical education (CTE) program? Clackamas provides a Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) approved teacher preparation program for CTE licensure in all six CTE career areas.

Oregon's Career Areas include

  • Agriculture, food and natural resources systems
  • Arts, information and communications
  • Business and management
  • Health and biomedical sciences
  • Human resources
  • Industrial and engineering systems

This program meets the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) professional development requirements for industry experts seeking an Oregon Restricted or Preliminary CTE license to teach in secondary CTE (middle and high school) programs. It also provides professional development for post-secondary CTE (community college) faculty and instructors teaching in registered apprenticeships to improve teaching skills and understanding of the learning process. This certificate provides individuals with educational foundations in classroom and program management and develops skills needed to meet the needs of diverse students and to integrate developmentally appropriate and culturally competent instructional strategies.

Start your path to a career in CTE instruction at Clackamas Community College:

  • The one-year CTE Licensure Prep certificate program is Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) approved to meet the Professional Development Plan (PDP) education requirements for the CTE Preliminary Teaching license.
  • Clackamas offers all six of the courses (18 credits) required in the TSPC Professional Development Plan for the Restricted CTE Teaching License. Note: these courses apply to the CTE Licensure Prep Certificate requirements.
  • All ED courses at Clackamas are offered online yearly to meet the needs of working students statewide.

More information about CTE Teacher Licensure can be found at the Oregon Department of Education website.

To register, simply follow the enrollment process found on our Getting Started page.

TermLicensing RequirementsCTE CoursesPreliminary CTE LicenseRestricted CTE License
FallClassroom ManagementED 130 - Comprehensive Classroom ManagementYesYes
Introduction to CTE in OregonED 220 - Introduction to CTE in OregonYesYes
Instructional Methodology-LiteracyED 113 - Instructional Strategies in Reading/Language Arts (or ED 114 - spring term)NoYes or ED-114
WinterHuman Development for AdolescentsED 229 - Learning and DevelopmentYesYes
Professional AttributesED 100 Introduction to Education-Careers orYes choose one - either ED 100 or ED 200No
ED 200 - Foundations of EducationNo
Culturally Responsive and Equitable PracticesED 169 - Overview of Students with Special NeedsYes choose one - either ED 169 or ED 254recommended
ED 254 - Instructional Strategies for Dual Language Learnersrecommended
SpringCurriculum Design, Instructional Strategies and AssessmentED 131 - Instructional StrategiesYesYes
Culturally Responsive PracticesED 258 - Multicultural EducationYesYes
Instructional Methodology-MathematicsED 114 - Instructional Strategies in Math/Science (Or ED 113 - Fall Term)NoYes or ED 113
Fall, Winter, SpringProfessional AttributesED 280 - Cooperative Work Experience/PracticumYes or waiver - Contact instructorNo
Year Round College-level English Language Arts and Math creditsYesYes
Megan Helzerman


Megan Helzerman

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