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Did you know that you can earn college credit through CCC while still in high school? CCC partners with over 40 high schools to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit for free or at a highly discounted rate.

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Homeschooled students and high school students who are not enrolled in a High School Connections program can still take CCC classes at standard tuition and fee rates. Students without a high school diploma or GED cannot use financial aid. To learn more about what classes you can take while still in high school, contact the High School Connections advisor.

Why earn college credit in high school?

  • Explore college programs and career options without declaring a major.
  • Save money on your education.
  • Save time and accelerate your path to your degree completion or career goals.
  • Students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely than their peers to finish high school, enter college and complete a degree, according to a 2014 Education Northwest study.

Schedule a meeting with the High School Connections advisor at CCC to create your college plan.

There are many short-term degrees and certificates at CCC. Learn more about nine certificates you can earn in nine months or less with our 9 in 9!

Once you register for a High School Connections program, you can access college resources. This includes free tutoring services on campus and online, special education services through the Disability Resource Center, and access to the college library for research assistance.

Schedule a meeting with the High School Connections advisor at CCC to create your college plan. View our college course catalog to explore the many degree and certificate options at CCC.


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