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Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate

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Power up your future: Earn your Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate

Equip yourself with the in-demand skills to support the growing renewable energy industry. Clackamas Community College's Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate program provides students with a solid foundation in the technical skills and principles critical for success in a variety of renewable energy roles. This program is designed to prepare you to support manufacturing, installation, maintenance and engineers working on renewable energy systems.

Benefits of the Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate from CCC:

  • Fast-track your career: Earn your certificate in just six months, launching your career in renewable energy quickly.
  • Industry-relevant skills: Gain the technical knowledge and hands-on experience employers are looking for.
  • High-demand jobs: The renewable energy industry is experiencing significant growth, creating a demand for skilled technicians.

Is the Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate right for you?

If you are interested in a career in renewable energy and enjoy working with your hands, this program is a perfect place to start.

For detailed description and outcomes for this program, view the course catalog.

Required classes for the Energy Systems Maintenance  Certificate

Job Outlook

Charge your future: Rewarding career opportunities await

The renewable energy industry is booming, and skilled technicians are in high demand. Clackamas Community College's Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate program equips you with the in-demand knowledge and hands-on experience to thrive in this dynamic field.

Upon graduation, you should be qualified for a variety of exciting careers that involve:

  • Installing and maintaining cutting-edge renewable energy technologies.
  • Supporting the production of clean energy solutions.
  • Helping businesses and individuals become more energy-efficient.

This program prepares you to be a vital part of the clean energy revolution. Launch your rewarding career in a rapidly growing industry — enroll today!

For more information on career opportunities for this program, view the course catalog.

Gain the skills to power the future

Clackamas Community College's Energy Systems Maintenance Certificate program provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip you with the essential skills for a rewarding career in renewable energy.

Through this program, you should learn:

  • Technical drawings: Interpreting technical drawings is crucial for understanding product specifications, customer needs and the intricate details of building systems, energy products and thermal components.
  • Electromechanical system diagnosis and repair: Develop the ability to diagnose and repair electromechanical systems used in renewable energy applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Electrical and fluid power control systems: Learn to design, install and troubleshoot these critical systems, essential for integrating renewable energy sources into existing infrastructure.
  • Renewable energy source analysis: Sharpen your analytical skills to assess potential energy sources and select the most suitable technologies for various applications, maximizing efficiency and sustainability.
  • Residential energy auditing: Gain the expertise to conduct comprehensive residential energy audits, identify areas for improvement and recommend and implement effective remediation measures to reduce energy consumption and costs.
  • Communication of renewable energy technologies: Develop the ability to explain the advantages and disadvantages of diverse renewable energy technologies in a clear and concise manner, effectively engaging a wide range of audiences.

This program equips you with a well-rounded skill set that should position you for success in the ever-evolving renewable energy industry. Enroll today and become a key player in the clean energy revolution!

For more information on expected outcomes of successfully completing this program, view the course catalog.

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This estimate includes the cost of tuition and the general fees applied per class and per academic term. This estimate does not include additional fees required for many courses or the cost of course materials. Contact the program to learn more about additional costs that may apply. 

You can also find more information about the costs of attending CCC on the Tuition and Fees page.

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Scholarships and grants (free money!) are available for students in this program. For help with financial aid and scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Resource Lab.  


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