Medical Assistant CC

Health Sciences Department | C.C. Certificate of Completion | 1 year

Work alongside physicians in medical offices to provide care and education to patients with the Medical Assistant certificate from Clackamas Community College.

Medical assistants work in ambulatory care (clinics) and perform a wide range of administrative and clinical duties. They work with medical providers, nurses, physician assistants, behavioral health specialists and other medical professionals to provide the best possible patient-centered care. Medical assistants are trained to perform a number of administrative and clinical functions within the clinic.

Examples of common administrative duties include: patient registration and intake, referrals to specialists, prior authorizations for medication or medical procedures and insurance verification.

Examples of common clinical duties include: rooming patients, collecting patient vital signs (e.g., blood pressure, temperature, pulse), collecting and documenting information in the electronic medical record (EMR), maintaining the clinic workflow, assisting in minor office procedures (e.g., toenail removals, laceration repair, pap smears), performing venipuncture (phlebotomy) and point of care testing (e.g., fasting lipid tests, urinalysis, strep tests), performing electrocardiograms and administering vaccines.

New Medical Assisting Course

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MA-100 (two credit) exploration course (optional)


Medical Assistant CC

Job Outlook
Program Structure
Oregon Health Authority Rules for Students in Clinical Training
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Medical Assistant Requirements

Prerequisite requirements for program
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Medical Assistant Application Process

Step 01

Review all information provided here on this webpage and in the advising guide before completing the application.

Step 02

Meet with a Health Sciences Program Academic Advisor prior to completing the program application.

Step 03

Answer all of the questions on the application including the essays (see pages three and four of the advising guide and below for more details) and submit the application form. You will type your responses for the two essay questions directly into the application. See the scoring rubric below for more details.

Apply Now

The application deadline for fall term is July 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

You will be notified via email by Allied Health Admissions on the status of your application along with next steps in the process by July 20.

Note: Conditionally accepted students will be invited to participate in a mandatory orientation at the Harmony Campus on August 1, 2024 at 9 a.m.

Step 04

Collect your vaccine records (see advising guide for detailed list). If accepted, you will bring your vaccine records to the mandatory orientation.

Medical Assistant Essay Questions

Medical Assistant Essay Questions

Application Essay Questions and Scoring Rubrics

Medical Assistant Core Requirements

Complete the Following
  • MA-150
  • Medical Office Practices
  • 4
  • MA-152
  • Examination Room Techniques I
  • 3
  • MA-152L
  • Examination Room Techniques I Lab
  • 1
  • MA-154
  • Body Systems and Pharmacology
  • 4
  • MA-156
  • Phlebotomy I
  • 1
  • MA-156L
  • Phlebotomy I Lab
  • 1
  • MA-158
  • Seminar I
  • 2
  • MA-160
  • Insurance & Health Information Management
  • 3
  • MA-162
  • Examination Room Techniques II
  • 3
  • MA-162L
  • Examination Room Techniques Lab II
  • 1
  • MA-164
  • Clinical Lab Procedures I
  • 1
  • MA-164L
  • Clinical Lab Procedures I Lab
  • 1
  • MA-166
  • Phlebotomy II
  • 1
  • MA-166L
  • Phlebotomy II Lab
  • 1
  • MA-168
  • Seminar II
  • 2
  • MA-174
  • Clinical Lab Procedures II
  • 1
  • MA-174L
  • Clinical Lab Procedures II Lab
  • 1
  • MA-178
  • Medical Assistant Practicum
  • 9
  • MA-188
  • Certification Exam Review
  • 2

Computation Related Instruction

Complete MTH-050 or MTH-065 or higher
  • MTH-050
  • Technical Mathematics I
  • 4
  • MTH-065
  • Algebra II
  • 4

Communication Related Instruction

Complete WR-101 or WR-121Z (preferred)
  • WR-101
  • Workplace Writing
  • 4
  • WR-121Z
  • Composition I
  • 4

Human Relations Related Instruction

Complete PSY-101
  • PSY-101
  • Human Relations
  • 3

All courses must be passed with C or better.
Total Credits Required: 45


Harmony Campus

7738 SE Harmony Road

Milwaukie, OR 97222