Welcome to the Clackamas Community College Blog

Apr 16, 2020, 16:58 PM by CCC Staff
Introducing the Clackamas Community College Blog. Learn how to prepare yourself for college and life outside of the classroom.

Welcome to the Clackamas Community College Blog

College. It prepares you not only for a career but also for life. It's more than just a place to grow your knowledge — it's a place to enrich your character.

At Clackamas Community College, we're dedicated to enhancing students' lives and helping them become lifelong learners. CCC's purpose and mission states the following: "Established in 1966 in Oregon City, Oregon, the goal of Clackamas Community College has always been to provide quality education and training to people in our service district within Clackamas County. We're proud to say we've been accomplishing that goal for more than 50 years." Read more about our mission and purpose.

We can help you achieve your higher education goals, gain essential academic skills and start (or grow) a career.

Why we created the Clackamas Community College Blog

In the spirit of why Clackamas Community College was created — and what it provides both students and the community — we created this blog to help you to get the most out of college. For you to learn what opportunities are available to you, and make the moves that matter during your journey through higher education.

We'll be bringing you tips and tricks covering an assortment of topics like financial aid, transferring to a four-year college, accessing Clackamas Community College's resources and programs, and just about everything else regarding student life.

Are you ready to go far close to home?

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