Early Childhood Education and Family Studies CC

Education, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department | C.C. Certificate of Completion | 1 year

Clackamas Community College’s Early Childhood Education and Family Studies program offers the skills you need to succeed in a career in childhood education.

Early childhood education is a rewarding field that is vital in shaping the social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical development of children. At Clackamas Community College, choose our one-year certificate and get the skills you need to succeed in a career working with children.

Starting at Clackamas Community College is an affordable first-step in transferring to a four-year university. Our early childhood education programs provide one-on-one advising and faculty support, as well as site placement assistance where you'll get real world training in the field. In fact, many of our students go on to full-time employment at their work experience sites after graduation.

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Early Childhood Education and Family Studies CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Early Childhood Education & Family Studies Core Requirements

Complete 3 credits of ECE-280
  • ECE-280
  • Early Childhood Education/CWE
  • 3
Complete the following Core Requirements
  • ECE-121
  • Observation and Guidance I in ECE Settings
  • 4
  • ECE-150
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education & Family Studies
  • 4
  • ECE-154
  • Language & Literacy Development in Young Children
  • 4
  • ECE-235
  • Safety, Health and Nutrition
  • 3
  • ECE-240
  • Environments and Curriculum Planning
  • 4
  • ED-216
  • Foundations of Teaching & Education
  • 4
  • FYE-101
  • First Year Experience Level I
  • 2
  • HDF-225
  • Prenatal, Infant & Toddler Development
  • 3
  • HDF-247
  • Preschool Through Adolescent Child Development
  • 3

Computation Related Instruction

Complete MTH-050 or MTH-065 or MTH-098
  • MTH-050
  • Technical Mathematics I
  • 4
  • MTH-065
  • Algebra II
  • 4
  • MTH-098
  • College Math Foundations
  • 4

Communication Related Instruction

Complete WR-121Z
  • WR-121Z
  • Composition I
  • 4

Human Relations Related Instruction

Complete ED-258
  • ED-258
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching & Education
  • 3


All courses must be passed with a C or better
Total Credits Required: 45

Featured Student

Dylan Levrets

“What I love most about CCC’s Head Start program is how much every single teacher puts heart and soul into loving the children and caring about their learning outcomes.

"These are incredibly amazing and dedicated teachers who guide each and every child in learning life skills and developing emotionally and socially, helping them to become kindergarten ready.”